Oven Cleaning

One of our specialised cleaning services available to customers in Windsor is professional oven cleaning. But what’s the point of cleaning the oven, since all it does it sit there and bake all day? Well, that’s pretty much the reason why the oven needs to be cleaned on a regular basis – it does a lot of baking on a daily basis, duh! Ok, joke aside the oven really needs to be cleaned regularly because failing to keep this hard working appliance cleaned properly can cause a number of issues, and be the source of many headaches, literally. With everyday use the oven accumulates a great deal of grease staining and burnt on residue.

At the start this might not be that much of a problem but eventually your cakes and blueberry pies will start to taste like the lamb roast from the other day – a warning sign that your oven needs cleaning, today! But why is this happening? Here is why – the stale grease, burnt on residue and oil staining on the inside of the oven will change the taste and flavour of dishes cooked in it. When heated up the grease and residue will begin to seep into dishes you are cooking thus making your blueberry pies taste like roast lamb.

We’ll beat your best price!
  • End of Tenancy Prices from £89
  • Domestic Cleaning from £9/h
  • Carpet Cleaning Prices from £22
  • Oven Cleaning Prices from £45
*The costs stated above are valid about Windsor. They cover the needed labour (cleaning time). If more time is needed, then additional charges could be applied. Minimum charge applies. Quotes over the phone are formed based on the delivered information.

Not a good way to greet the in-laws, or leave the right impression with your guests. Dishes cooked in a messy oven not only taste funny, but they are also unhealthy due to grease and oil residue. So, don’t choose a new diet, but let us deal with your oven cleaning accordingly! A dirty oven will also cost you more to run, as the grease and residue on the inside will cause the appliance to strain in order to do its job properly thus consume more power to heat up and keep its baking temperature – now you realise why those pastries took two hours to bake last night.

Furthermore, a dirty oven, when left unattended for too long, can be a serious fire hazard for your home, so you can either get a more comprehensive insurance deal, or you can let us clean your oven to an industry standard finish, at a very reasonable price. Cleaners Windsor SL4 are the local oven cleaning specialists, we have the skills and expertise to clean any type of oven, including self-cleaning ones. Customers in Windsor are serviced seven days a week.