Mattress Cleaning

If your bedroom has developed that specific stuffy or stale odour, but you keep on cleaning, and airing the room properly week after week, then chances are your mattress is in need of some serious cleaning. When new, your mattress is free of any bacteria, funguses, dust mites and allergens. In time, with everyday use the mattress you know and love will become a breeding ground for a whole host of hygiene issues and different bacteria.

So, how is this possible, if the rest of your bedroom is clean enough to eat off? The layered structure of the mattress, and the warm, dark and humid environment between layers and springs provides the ideal breeding and living conditions for many parasites and bacteria, and they are more than happy to thrive and multiply right inside your mattress. The mattress might not look or feel too bad at the start, but eventually dust, pollen, bacteria, as well as certain funguses and insects will cause you to lose sleep for sure. Insufficient mattress hygiene can also be the cause of poor indoor air quality, and rob you of good night’s sleep.

We can offer our Windsor based customers the perfect alternative to all other conventional or homemade mattress cleaning methods. Our professional mattress cleaning service is efficient, affordable and will deliver exceptional cleaning results without risk of damage or alteration to the mattress and its characteristics. The cleaning process is completely safe for all types of mattresses. The cleaning is performed using professional grade steam cleaning equipment, which is applied to the top, sides and bottom of the mattress as we need to kill off all bacteria, insects and insect eggs which may be clinging to the mattress. More so, the steam cleaning will penetrate deeper inside the mattress unlike conventional cleaning methods.

Deeper cleaning means better results and lasting hygiene you can see and feel. This particular cleaning method is also quite effective for lifting and removal of heavy organic and chemical stains from the mattress. The mattress cleaning process uses the natural cleaning and antibacterial power of steam, only in certain cases our cleaners may apply a mild solvent in order to facilitate easier stain removal. Being a professional service provider, Cleaners Windsor SL4 recommends subjecting your mattresses to professional cleaning at least once every six months. Our customers in Windsor can request the service for any day of the week.