Driveway Cleaning

When it comes to different types of property cleaning, people usually tend to ignore the driveway. Indeed, driveway cleaning may not be a priority for many households, but nevertheless this important property feature requires appropriate cleaning maintenance, especially if you want your driveway to look better for longer. The average driveway apart from being used on a daily basis is also exposed to the elements all year round. Heavy duty use and weather exposure will imminently take their toll on the driveway’s good looks.

Some of the more common issues plaguing your driveway’s appearance are chemical staining, residue, fungal growth and discolouration. Usually chemical staining is the most common problem for driveways. Vehicles parked on the driveway on a daily basis are to blame for most chemical stains as oil, coolant and fuel dripping from the vehicle’s undercarriage will stain the driveway’s surface quite easily. Such types of staining are notoriously hard to remove using conventional cleaning methods. Weather exposure is perhaps the other big issue for the average driveway. During winter snow, ice and ice melting agents can stain or cause discolouration, couple this with heavy rains and you got yourself one messy, dirty driveway.

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Another common problem for many driveways, though this depends on the exact manufacturing material, is mould and fungal growth caused by moisture and condensation. Such blemishes are almost impossible to remove and will tarnish the driveway’s good looks permanently if left unattended for too long. Cleaners Windsor SL4 can provide customers with specialised driveway cleaning service which will deal effectively with all the problems listed above. The cleaning service is perfectly suitable and safe for all types of driveways, including those made of composite materials. The cleaning process involves the use and application of pressure washing equipment, also known as jet wash.

The jet wash uses highly pressurised water to mechanically remove i.e. blast off any residue, staining and growth from the driveway’s top surface without causing damage or alteration to its colours and structure. In most cases, the pressure washing method will restore the driveway’s original colours and hues, minus sunlight damage which is permanent. Windsor residents can take full advantage of this highly effective yet affordable cleaning service and keep their driveway cleaned professionally without excess costs or additional hassles. Customers in and around Windsor can request our professional driveway cleaning service for any day of the week, with convenient booking hours.